Friday, May 9, 2008

Amazon's Listmania! lists - A thank you...

Like I said, I don't know who reads these blogs (wish I did!) but I suppose I should assume at least a few are those who've bought my book. If you happen to be one of that group, I thank you very much, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. As I've mentioned before, I loved writing it, loved being in that exciting make-believe world for a while. But you can't go back, you can only go forward with a new book, a new adventure, but that's always fun too...

I did want to thank those who've helped promote my novel on Amazon, people I've never met, but who were kind enough to add me to their Listmania! lists. For those of you not familiar with this feature on Amazon, it is a list anyone can make who has bought a book there. It can be a list of favorite books in any category: mystery, romance, suspense, any type of fiction or nonfiction. The categories are endless...

I hope I haven't missed anyone, but if I have, I'll edit this and reprint. Thanks to all of you for including my novel, Her Last Letter, on your Listmania! lists. :)

Issy ... In The Mood Romantic Mysteries

Barb White ... Super Reading

John Savoy ... Fiction

Staci Harman ... Shakes and Shivers Mystery Books

Hellen Troy Hollingsworth ... Books You'll Enjoy Reading Many Times!

Anita Mitchell ... I Think You Might Like These

Miami Danger ... Sit, Stay, and Read a good Book!

I really, really do appreciate that you thought to include my book!!!

Visit my website to read a FREE EXCERPT of my mystery romantic-suspense novel, Her Last Letter.

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