Saturday, August 25, 2007

About the Free EBooks

Someone from Edmonton, Alberta downloaded one of my free EBooks today. I have no idea where this person (whose name I will not mention, of course) found out about my free book offer. I know I didn't advertise in Alberta certainly....

When my website was designed, I had no idea I would be as curious as I am now to know details, but I would love to know the chain of events that led this person to find my site and decide to download my book. (If I had known how curious I would be, I would have included an area on the download page for adding this information. Of course, I could still change it.)

Several people (okay, ladies) downloaded my book in India too. I didn't advertise there either. I can only guess that somehow they found me on the web. But I would sure like to know how. Did someone just happen across my website, and then tell a few friends?

And many from the U.S. have downloaded my book ... in the north, south, east, and west. This I can sort of understand, as I did some target advertising in certain cities. But though I advertised in those certain cities, many books were downloaded in states I did not advertise in. Hmmm, how did that happen?

I guess I'll never know, and I guess it doesn't matter. I guess all I can do is keep trying to get the word out, and keep marveling each time someone from a distant city, perhaps on the other side of the world, finds my book....

Of course, if any of you happen to be reading this now, I hope you enjoyed the book!

And please, write and let me know how you found me! Nancy :)

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Already August

Summer is going by way too fast. Already it is August and I barely remember July. I am enjoying the new table and chairs out on the deck a lot though. I forgot how much I liked sitting there just outside the kitchen. For several years now since we threw out the old wooden table and bench seats (they rotted and fell apart) the deck has been devoid of a place to sit. I did use the set out on the lawn once in a while, but the mosquitoes would get me in the evening, and it was more of a production to go back and forth. With the table on the deck, I can run out for a few minutes and drink my coffee or tea, then run in again to do something else. It's more like an extension of the kitchen itself. It looks nice from the kitchen too ... kind of invites you to go outside and relax for a minute.

The relaxing part of my life seems to have disappeared lately. Now I have to spend time trying to get the word out about my book. Not that I mind that much. It's just new to me. I try to look at it as a challenge. It's just odd trying to promote my own work. Though I am confident that I wrote a good book, it's wierd to always be doing the "buy my book" or "read my book" thing. It feels so self oriented, and of course it is. It would be easier and far preferable to write books and leave the marketing to someone else, but if I want people to read my books, I can't take a backseat and hope someone else will do all the work for me. If I want people to find me, I have to do the uncomfortable thing and promote ... promote ... promote.

Among other things, I am planning to sign up with a company that does a heavy duty email campaign and use an ad I wrote recently. I hope it will encourage people to buy my book or to at least download the free e-book. It doesn't cost much and is "spamless." I won't be annoying a bunch of people who don't want to receive offers in their email. I'll give it a test run and see how it works. Fortunately, it's a month to month thing, so if I don't get results, I can easily cancel.

I have several other ideas too. I might try a few of those as well, if not now, after I see how this email blitz thing goes. I want to be able to know what works and what doesn't.

If anyone has any great marketing ideas for me, my ears are open. If you can't write me here, use the contact link on my website. I would appreciate any help you might offer.

Thanks, Nancy

Visit my website to read a FREE EXCERPT of my mystery romantic-suspense novel, Her Last Letter.

Books are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and can be ordered through most bookstores.