Monday, January 19, 2009

The New Year...

Well, it's a new year.

I remember thinking when it was still the nineteen hundreds, that it would feel really strange when we hit the year two thousand. Now it's two thousand nine, and though it doesn't feel all that strange (since I've gotten used to it more or less) each year does seem to whip by. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what's important, especially what activities are really worth my time. Is it important to try to do as much as possible as fast as possible before the inevitable? And should I even be thinking along these lines?

I've never had too many of these thoughts before, but somehow the way it is right now, the country's plight, all of the unemployment, businesses struggling to survive, people losing much of their life savings ... all of the unhappiness floating around out there, it affects you. I wish I could make it all go away, just wave a super magic wand, and poof, everything is fixed.

I suppose the best thing is to keep, if possible, a positive frame of mind. As bad as things are, we are still better off than those who lived through the Great Depression, when there was very little in the way of social assistance. We do have a few safeguards in place.

As far as my own new year, I don't think I look any worse than I looked last year, and physically I feel about the same. The sun is out today, and I spent a few minutes looking out the window at the abundance of glittering snow in the front yard. The snow's been coming down heavily almost daily, and my husband is getting really grumpy about his continuous treks up and down the drive with the snow blower. He's threatening to make me learn how to use it. Not a problem. It certainly would be easier than clearing the drive by hand, and I helped him do that for the many years before we bought the snow blower.

The battery in my car died a few days ago, but I was expecting it. I've had it for several years. I am grateful that it decided to expire in the garage, and not after I drove to the gym or something like that. I threw a sleeping bag in the car recently too, just in case. You never know when you might get stuck somewhere out in the cold, for whatever reason. Not long ago, my girlfriend who I go cross-country skiing with got stuck out on the freeway during the severe cold. She said she was shivering profusely by the time the police arrived. It was one of the most bizarre accidents I've ever heard of, and I'm really glad she wasn't hurt. She was on her way home from work, and out of nowhere a tire comes flying from the opposite side of the freeway and slams onto the hood of her car. It severely damaged her engine, which stopped, and she had to coast her way through several lanes of traffic to the side of the freeway. Fortunately, those behind her saw the tire bouncing wildly away and let her through.

She just got her car back a few days ago after the several weeks it took to repair it. She also decided to add rental insurance to her policy, as she had to pay for a rental car out of pocket. Doesn't seem fair since the accident wasn't her fault, but that's the way the policy was written. I think I will add it to our auto policy too. You just never know...

Hope your new year is going well. :)

Talk to you soon.

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