Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ahhhhh ... Tax Time

I'm glad someone else does the taxes for us. Although, by the time I get all the receipts together, it feels as if I've done most of the work anyway. Not true, I know. We drove to Dearborn today to get our taxes done, a new CPA lady that my son-in-law recommended. She was very good, fast, and charged a reasonable amount to wrestle with our return. I felt complete relief once we left her office. (I always think the worst, that we will owe tons of money, which rarely happens.)

The best part of it all was the lunch my husband promised me after we were done. He used to work in Dearborn years ago, about an hour drive from the house in rush hour traffic. He liked working there, but hated the drive, but the company paid him well so he stayed with them for over ten years.

I could see he felt as if he was revisiting his younger days. He used to lunch often at Miller's Bar, and hoped they would still be in business considering the rough economic times. Not only were they still in business, they were doing a hellava business on this day, a Saturday. It's one of those places that adhere to that old saying, "keep it simple, stupid." It's not a very large place, and the tables are worn and scarred, and some wobble. (We moved from one table because it wobbled a little too much.) You don't get menus and you pay on the honor system. Orders are easy. You can choose from a burger, fries, or onion rings, possibly chili too (but we're not sure) and of course liquor or pop. Condiments consist of ketchup, mustard, onions and relish. I felt like an outsider asking for mayonnaise, which the waitress politely informed me wasn't available.

I felt right at home after a while, and didn't worry about my cholesterol for a change. It's nice to know that some things stay the same, and are much the better for it. I would go back in a minute, as I'm sure most do, but chances are we won't be in the area again for a while.

So for me, tax day was a good day, a nice little memory to tuck away and pull out when needed.

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