Saturday, June 16, 2007

Neglecting my riding and writing

I've been neglecting both my bike riding and writing this blog, and actually I should start zeroing in on the topic for my next novel. I do this all the time though, and eventually I hit on an idea that sticks and it becomes my new book. So I'm not going to worry about it, and besides, I need to promote my current novel before moving on to something new. I've been pushing myself hard lately, working on the website particulars and a million other things, and that's why I decided it was time to do a ride with my fellow Wolverines (Michigan bicycle group).

So this morning I drove over to Beverly Hills (Michigan) and did 42 miles with the gang. I haven't been riding much compared to the kind of riding I've done every year for the past 15, so I was a little worried about keeping up. I know I'm not in shape, and that wouldn't be much of a problem except that everybody else is! I've probably done less than two hundred miles since spring, barely anything. Riders talk a lot about miles, how many miles they rode on a given day, how many for the season, how many for the year. Oddly, other riders are actually interested in this stuff, unless the rider in question goes on and on about it. Gives them a chance to mention their miles, for the day, for the season.... You get the idea.

Anyway, the flats were fairly easy and I kidded myself into thinking I was okay. We hit the first set of hills and I struggled, but didn't fall behind ... too much. We usually stop for coffee and a sweet roll midway, and I was fine until we were about two miles from the stop, then I bonked some and lost the group, but knew the rest of the way fortunately so it wasn't a problem.

But on the way back my lack of conditioning really began to show, and when we hit Kirk in the Hills, normally a fun set of ups and downs, I fell apart. I literally almost fell over I was going so slow on one hill. I lost the group again, but fortunately my friend Steve took pity on me (he knows I don't know the way back at all) and led me out. The group stopped and waited around the corner, which was nice of them. Steve and I would have missed them totally, but they yelled out to us and we were able to rejoin them. I plan not to let this happen again, and will keep a better riding schedule. I don't like it when people have to wait for me. Plus it's my fault, not theirs, that I haven't been riding. It's also a lot more fun to ride when you're in shape, less heavy breathing, cramping etc.

But I'm glad I went. I missed everybody, and it hasn't felt normal lately. I love to ride, especially with my group. It was a great day! Nancy

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