Monday, December 17, 2007

Shop 'til you drop...

Christmas is just around the corner, and of course I'm not finished shopping yet. I have done some of my shopping, and actually I am ahead of schedule considering my usual habits. I usually wait until a week before Christmas to begin, when the panic really starts to set in. I then wander aimlessly around the mall for several days in a row, hoping the perfect choices for gifts will magically appear. They don't. I then drop hints to loved ones to tell me what they want now, or suffer the consequences. They are not surprised. They've seen this before.

Unlike most women, someone forgot to give me the shopping gene. I am like a few men I know in that respect. I wish I could give cash sometimes, or gift cards, but that is so very impersonal. I wouldn't like it, so I can't possibly do it. But if my loved ones aren't going to like what I buy, and must either take it back or not use it, what is the point in buying it? I am happiest when the ordeal is over, and the gifts are under the tree, and I've managed to somehow come up with a few nice surprises. The joy is seeing the looks on their faces.

I did enjoy the mall though this year. I took a day just to look at the lights and the decorations, and sit and enjoy a coffee and biscotti at Starbucks while all the shoppers rushed by. Somehow this relaxed approach helped clear my head, and I actually found some nice presents this way; I think because I didn't go there to shop, just to look around.

But I'm not done, though I am close. And I still have seven days, a lot of time. Like I said, most years I wouldn't even get started until now. I think I feel relieved already.

Hope you enjoy the holidays!

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