Friday, February 12, 2010

Movie Marley and Me, and My Cat Slicky


My husband Bruce rented the movie, Marley and Me, last night. He was hoping to please me, and I enjoyed the movie very much, though I cried at the end. (I wasn't in the mood to cry, since I was feeling a little down already. No real reason, or maybe a lot of little reasons, not sure.) Anyway, the movie reminded me of how much I would hate to lose our cat Slicky, and that I haven't played with him as much as I should lately. By the way, the movie is about a dog, a Labrador, not a cat, but a beloved pet just the same.

I believe the movie is based on a true story, though I haven't looked that up to be sure. But I think I read that it was. Marley is a lovable, untrainable, exasperating dog who tears up the furniture when left alone, pees on the carpet, and does just about every unthinkable thing a dog can do. He is not mean though. And he adores his parents. The movie is not just a comedy about Marley; there's a lot more to it. It is also about tradeoffs, the ones we make in life for those we love, trying to do the right thing. It is actually a good movie on several levels....

Anyway, I was wondering the other day if Slicky would be happier if he had friend to play with. I've always owned only one cat at a time, though my girlfriend owned two cats, and they seemed to do well keeping each other company. I don't want to invite problems though, and maybe Slicky likes being the only cat. After all, he gets all of the attention when he does get it.

Slicky is calling to me now. I'll be back in a sec....

Okay, I played with him. He really likes to play with architectural paper, the large sheets. It is very noisy and he likes to hide beneath it and let you poke at him with your foot, while he attacks through the paper. He never seems to tire of it. I can chase him through the house too, or play glove attack. He sits on the high perch Bruce built for him and attacks my gloved hands. He has claws, so without the leather gloves this wouldn't work at all. He also likes to lie on his back on the floor and play with the belt on my robe, which I dangle up and down.

It is much easier to keep an outdoor cat amused, but Slicky wants no part of the outdoors. You could leave the door wide open and he would just stand there. You would definitely have to coax him out, and I've talked to several vets, and all said that considering what a high-strung cat he is, he probably would get hurt. He is scared of everything. The phone rings and he will jump off my lap.

Anyway, he is happy for the most part. I know because he purrs all the time. It will be better when summer comes and he can hear all the birds, and smell the outdoors, and watch everything outside. He is still a middle aged cat, and very healthy as far as I can tell. No reason to worry. I'd be willing to guess he will be around for a long time.

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