Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cross-country skiing

I can't believe the kind of winter we're having. It reminds me of winters I enjoyed as a kid, lots of snow, cold enough to ice skate or go sledding any time you want. I am actually feeling the Christmas spirit more than usual.

We went to a Christmas party Saturday night, one a friend of ours holds every year. Everyone must bring a dish to pass and a toy to give to charity. At least sixty people or more show up. I know a few of these people since a lot of the guests live in the neighborhood. One good friend I saw there likes to cross-country ski, as I do, and she invited me and a couple other people to go out on Sunday. We are fortunate to have a heavily wooded park not far away, with lots of trails, enough that you can easily get lost in the woods if you're not careful. It couldn't have been a nicer day out, sunny and not too cold. Once we got going I actually worked up a sweat. We saw a few other skiers on the trails, all smiling and mentioning what a great day it was to be outside. Some of the trails are really hilly, as the park is also used a lot by mountain bikers in the summer. We avoided most of those and stuck to the wider less radical trails. We had a little girl with us, three years old, but she rode in a back pack. Tom, her father, is very athletic, but still I worried (as he must have) that he might fall with her. We took some tricky little descents through narrow corners in a few places. Fortunately, he was very steady on his skis and handled it well. Nothing I'd like to see him do again though.

We were only out for about an hour, which was just enough as my daughter and her husband invited us over to watch a world cup ski race on t.v. , then join them for dinner. We arrived right on time.

Enjoy the holidays!

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