Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Sighting...

Well, it's true. He's here, at least in Michigan.

This made me smile when I heard it. My daughter and her husband were on their way to see a Warren Miller movie in Royal Oak, a town not far from here. In case you don't know of him, Warren Miller is famous for his ski movies, and watching one of his flicks really puts you in the mood to ski. I have to say I have a great fondness for his earlier movies, the ones that show beginner skiers getting into funny situations on skis. And I really love Warren Miller's voice. Just hearing it gives me a lift.

Anyway, back to Santa. My daughter Angie was in the passenger seat of their car, and when they slowed coming to the light, she saw a red van in front of them, and on the license it read, "Santa One." Curious, they pulled beside the van, and sure enough there was Santa in full costume. And what was he doing? Well, he had his list, of course, and was checking it out. My daughter was thrilled, as he really looked like Santa, extremely authentic.

We're thinking he reserves the sleigh for Christmas Eve, so he can give his reindeer a good rest before they head out. I'm hoping I get a chance to see Santa too, and I'll sure be watching for that red van. I'll also be watching the skies on Christmas Eve.

Talk to you soon.

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