Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Great Memorial Weekend


I had an absolutely great day today!

Memorial Day is tomorrow, but the weather could be a little iffy as it's supposed to rain and possibly thunderstorm in the afternoon. I hope the weather prediction is wrong, or that the rain holds off until at least late afternoon.

But today was gorgeous! Actually, my daughter Angie and I were supposed to go to Greenfield Village, as we both love visiting there. We usually walk through most of the old historic homes and shops, then stop for a break and have tea and cookies at tables in a quaint garden setting. After that, it's more walking, then a late lunch at the Eagle Tavern, a wonderful restaurant which was originally a stop for stage coaches... When we actually make our next visit to Greenfield Village, which should be soon, I'll write about this in more detail. But about today...

We changed our mind and decided to stay on the lake since it was so nice out. It was just the four of us: me, my husband Bruce, Angie, and Marty, her husband. And then, of course, Makamae, their cockatoo, and their two cockatiels came also. Slicky, our cat, is afraid of the birds, so he hid in the basement as he usually does when they come by. But it is cool down there, so I'm sure he was comfortable. He still has his winter coat of fur, and it's been much too hot for him lately. No doubt he was annoyed though, and wished they would just stay away.

I decided to cook for everyone, and kept it simple: burgers and hot dogs, cole slaw, cottage cheese, corn on the cob, and baked beans. Angie brought a pasta salad which was excellent, but we ate most of that earlier in the day.

Bruce put the boat in this year, after six years of it sitting in the garage. I was upset last year as it was the first summer I didn't ride in a power boat. No real reason, just never got out there. I used to feel that summer hadn't begun until I'd taken a ride in a boat, usually our boat. So I asked Bruce if he would put the boat in this year, and he did. We went out for a ride twice today. It was wonderful, even though the lake was pretty turbulent. Lots of boats were out on the water cruising around, or pulling water skiers or tubers. We ran into (not literally) a few old friends; some we hadn't seen since winter. The lake is already warming up from all the recent hot weather, and felt pleasantly cool. We passed a bunch of pontoon boats parked in a little cove, swimmers floating alongside them in their rafts. They appeared to be having lots of fun. Next time we are out I think I will bring a raft and float too. I haven't done that in a long time either.

So, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!

I personally am looking forward to a long, hot summer and lots of good times with family and friends.

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