Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching up with my blog...


I apologize for not writing for quite a while now. But I've been concentrating on writing chapters for my new book, and neglecting other writing projects. This blog is basically fun for me, and I hope it is a place where anyone who has read HER LAST LETTER and wants to know how things are going with the book and with me, will be able to catch up.

I do have some new news about the book. I have signed with an agent at Trident Media Group in New York City. This was in August. What this means I really can't say, but I'm thrilled! I have a great agent and it is a great agency, one of the best, so I'm hoping for good things in the future. I don't bug my agent about how she goes about doing what she does. She's the expert after all. I just trust her to work the magic. Once I hear any good news I will let you know...

My summer was great. It was hotter than I needed it to be, but I won't complain. I am definitely sorry to see it end. On the upside we've been having some really warm days lately, and the fall colors are nice. I took a beautiful hike at Maybury State Park yesterday with a friend. Autumn leaves were all over the ground, and it felt very private walking through the woods. We started out on the hiking trails, then spotted one of the mountain bike trails and turned onto it. It was hilly, but not bad at all for walking. We only saw one mountain biker, who came up behind us so quietly it surprised me. We walked for about two and a half hours, and got a little lost for a while. It is a big park, and the trails go all over the place. Next time I plan to bring a compass.

My daughter and I finally did get over to Greenfield Village, but it took a while. Angie only has so much free time. One of the places we like to stop for a break is called Cotswold Cottage. That's where we have our peppermint tea and scones, and give crumbs to the hungry birds who hang around our table. Then, of course, later on we have lunch at the Eagle Tavern. It is said to be haunted, by the way, but they must be nice ghosts, because I have the nicest feeling every time I'm there. This time the Eagle Tavern offered rainbow trout, our favorite, and it was yummy. Their breads are wonderful too, and the mashed potatoes, and all the unique side dishes. And we had the mint tea again, but this time hot. We sampled the iced tea at the cottage.

I'll try not to take so long to post in the future. I can always find something to talk about.... Just so you know, Slicky, our cat, is doing fine. He's as feisty as ever, and whines a lot when I don't play with him often enough. Lately he likes me to drag a long shoe lace across the floor, which he pounces on every so often. (I tie two together.) Or if he's feeling lazy, I dangle it up and down while he lies on his back in a chair. He never seems to tire of this.

Hope everyone is doing fine.


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bluefrog said...

I haven't been to Greenfield Village in half of forever. (I'm from the Toledo area, but live in Texas now.
Sounds like a fun time. :)

Nancy C. Johnson said...

Yes, it was fun, bluefrog. As you know, it's like stepping into the past. I never ever tire of visiting there, both the village and the museum. Thanks for stopping by! Nancy

Maire said...

Hi Nancy
I absolutely LOVED your book!
Is this your first? I looked for others.
The plot & character's were wonderful & your details were amazing. Looking forward to more books from you!
All the best-

Yvonne said...

Just purchased your book for my Nook Color. Enjoying it very much, as I happen to have lived in Glenwood Springs. And I know a woman with two sisters there as well (of course I know there's no relation to them).
I'm curious, how did you happen to choose Glenwood Springs as the location for your book? I'ts a lovely mountain town and I miss it so much sometimes.

Best to you in your new projects, Yvonne Allen Charneskey

Nancy C. Johnson said...

Hi Maire and Yvonne,

I just this moment noticed that I had additional comments on my blog! I really do need to check on things over here from time to time. Thank you so much, Maire, for loving my book! I am so happy you were pleased with it. It is not the first book I've written, but my first published book. And Yvonne, how great that you have lived in Glenwood Springs! I hope I captured some of the beauty of the town. I'm not sure why I chose Glenwood, except that I wanted a smaller town in Colorado, with lots of great history.... Thank you both for commenting on my blog!

Sincerely, Nancy

Peter said...

This blog sounds quite interesting. I was searching this kind of information. I will share this information with friends.

Nancy C. Johnson said...

Thank you, Peter

I haven't checked over here in a while for comments. I appreciate that you want to share my blog with friends.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays!