Monday, May 14, 2007

Books arrive as soon as Friday!

Well, my books may be ready for delivery as soon as Friday! I can't wait to see them and examine them. Though I already know what the cover will look like, this will be the first time I see the book covers with their beautiful glossy finish. The covers I've seen so far have more of a matt finish. The first thing I'll do is open one up and hope it's as perfect as I think it will be. I've heard horror stories of books printed upside down with missing pages or with globs of ink, etc. I don't think I need to worry about that since a very reputable book printing company is handling the job. I've been very, very pleased with them so far, but I tend to worry about stuff like this. What's that old saying? If anything can go wrong, it will. Let's hope not.

I've been staring at my computer screen too much lately, neglecting to exercise, so I decided to get some air today and took a walk around the neighborhood just before sunset. It was nice to move. I saw a few other people out too. The weather was so pleasant today, started out cold, then warmed up quickly to about seventy-five. I didn't realize it was nice until about three o'clock, when I had to leave to do some errands. I walked out in a sweater and light jacket, only to see people walking around in shorts and sleeveless tanks. That's the funny thing about this time of year in Michigan; people are dressed all kinds of ways, some overdressed, some under. By June everyone seems to have figured it out.

I'm hoping my website will be finished soon. The mockup site does look great, and I like the flash that Lisa has added. My author page, links page, and order page are not ready yet, but it's getting close. Angie's site is more complicated than mine, so it's taking a bit more time. I proofread some of her site today and found a few items that needed to be corrected, and will do a little more of that tomorrow. She is so very busy, she just doesn't have time for everything.

Well, it's time for bed. I'll check in soon. Nancy

Update - Website live as of July 11, 2007

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