Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Good Deed

Well, I just had to know more about my page partner on Amazon, so I went over to Borders to check her out. I guess I just wanted to see if I thought she was as good of a writer as it appeared she was. And well ... she was. I didn't read the whole book while I stood there, but I read enough to know that she is certainly a very talented writer.

Of course, on the drive over to the bookstore I was still a little miffed, and didn't know how I felt exactly. All I knew was "she" didn't appear to be helping my cause, seated next to me on my Amazon page. But I had visited her website earlier, and read her bio, and saw that it didn't come easy for her either. She had worked hard to get to where she is now.

And so, the softy in me came out, and I straightened her book section (since it was a little messy) and took a damaged copy off the shelf and turned it in to one of the girls who worked there. I felt a whole lot better when I left.

And here's the funny thing, absolutely true I swear. My book sales have risen every day since....

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