Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not So Sure About This....

Okay, I've got company on my Amazon page, since about a week ago. At first I thought it was pretty cool, but now I'm not so sure.... I feel like I'm at an author's signing, but I'm seated beside a seasoned bestselling author that everybody knows about, and unfortunately I'm the unknown newby.

Amazon has this program called "Better Together" which I actually considered purchasing to advertise my book, but it turned out to be quite expensive, and with no guarantee of sales. For that much money I figured I could do a lot of other types of advertising that might be more effective. What I didn't consider was that another author might decide on "togetherness" with me. To be honest, I doubt my new seat mate chose me, but Amazon did. This is a real compliment, for sure. Amazon saying that her new bestselling book (and she has several others) is comparable to mine and we should be paired is a good thing. Unless ... yes, unless those who clicked on my book with intentions to buy get distracted by her astounding sales and forget about my worthy well-written book trying to grab a bit of the spotlight.

I keep hoping that readers will do what I think they were supposed to do - buy both of our books. But since she appeared on the scene, my steadily increasing sales figures ... well ....

Hey, but she's a guest, and if nothing else I should at least try to see why Amazon chose to pair her with me. I may even have to buy one of her books, see if I agree. And good grief, she does have over twenty-two pages of listings on Google. (I stopped reading at that point.)

And no, I won't say who she is. You'll have to go on Amazon and check out my book site.... And while you're there, maybe you could buy my book. Or yeah, hers too if you must....

HER LAST LETTER - by Nancy C. Johnson (that's me)

I'm sure she's a very nice person.

P.S. If you would like to guess, her initials are C.G.

Update: I have a new author next to me now, Jan Coffey. And my former page partner was Cindy Gerard. :)

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karrot said...

sometimes you just gotta eat a book, you know?