Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More on the Races...

Goggle is amazing. I wrote a blog yesterday about ski racing up at Boyne Mountain, and mentioned my daughter Angie, who raced this past weekend with me and the rest of the gang. She calls me up about a half hour after I posted the blog, and tells me she just typed in "Angie" and "ski" on Google (she was looking for something related to the races) and my blog came up. Somehow Google grabbed onto those two words and found my blog that easily. I find that truly amazing. I, of course, had to try it myself, and yes, she's right. It did.

I have no idea how many people actually read this blog. I enjoy writing it, and that's enough for me. Hopefully, it brings some enjoyment to others. It does remind me of when I used to keep a journal, and wrote about anything and everything that interested me. Of course, this is the Internet, so I can't be quite as personal as I was then.

But let me finish up about the races. We had three days of racing over the weekend, a slalom race on Friday, a giant slalom race on Saturday, and a race we call the Cantor Cup on Sunday, in honor of Larry Cantor, a former racer and an extremely nice guy. I knew him well. He died during a race. I was gate keeping his course when it happened. He had a heart attack, had a heart condition, and wasn't supposed to be racing at all, but he loved it. He was in his early sixties, I believe. When it happened, the day had been cloudy and ugly, but after he passed, the clouds parted and the sun broke through. A lot of us figured Larry was letting us know he was okay. So his relatives built him a bench that sits on the deck of the race shack, and we honor him each year with a race on the last day.

So, to finish up, we had the three races, and as a result, Angie was a finalist for the year, and won the third place World Cup in her class. Marty, her fiance, won his first race, the Cantor Cup, dual slalom elimination style. He was the last man standing ... literally (very icy course). And Bruce (husband) had good results for the last half of the season, but missed out on a World Cup. Not a problem. He won his class the past four years running, very difficult to do. I had the two trophies from previous weekends, but didn't finish one race this time. I'll be buying some new race skis very soon.

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