Monday, March 10, 2008

Ski Race Season over for the Year

Well, the race season is over for another year, but it was fun. I actually managed to get two trophies, a second and a third place, in my Vet A Women class. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that my daughter can watch my races this year. Before, we ran at the same time, but she's moved up to Elite II Women, a step above my class (a big step) and now she can watch my race. It has to be the reason I won something, because my skis are five seasons old; I didn't train, and though I usually work out extensively over the winter, I slacked off there too. But I wanted to ski well for her, and so concentrated very hard on my technique and was extra agressive.

We just got back from Boyne last night. It was really cold all weekend, but the sun stayed out. I will take sun and cold over warm and gloomy any day. The flat light on a cloudy day really takes away from the experience for me. I, like most skiers, like to be able to see the terrain. And on a super cloudy day, even the best goggles don't help much.

But we had three days of sun. The snow squeaked it was so cold, I think a minus one on Friday morning, but no wind. The slopes were perfectly groomed, and easy to ski, except once you stepped into the race course. That was solid ice, so solid even the best racers could not even begin to put a dent in it. I've never seen so many really great skiers slide out, or heard so many complaints. It really tested your ability, and your balance. Every racer out there sharpens and waxes their skis diligently before each race. You could cut yourself on their edges, but it was as if no one had done anything. We stood and watched as one skier after another fell on their behinds. One second they're upright, the next they're not. Like watching bowling pins go down.

I took two runs on the Giant Slalom course, the first not so bad because a little snow remained, the next run I slid out about a quarter of the way down and missed the gate. It was too far to climb back up; I would have interfered with the next racer, so I just skied the rest of the course the best I could. I was okay about it though. I did think seriously of buying new equipment for next year.

More on the races later....

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