Friday, October 5, 2007

A Good Day To Feel Bad

I'm feeling a little down today, and yet the weather is exactly what I would like it to be, warm, almost hot out. And it's supposed to continue, so chances are I'll get out of this funk soon. We're going out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants tonight, so that should take care of it.

I just took a walk around the neighborhood, exchanged courtesies with a squirrel on a telephone phone, he/she letting me know I'd best move on. But instead I ignored him (let's just say it's a him) and stood there, listening to him jabber at me for a while.

Slicky just stuck his head in here. Slicky is my long haired black cat. It must be getting close to dinner time, and he wants his special food. I give him wet food in the evening, along with the dry food available to him all day. The evening meal gives him something to look forward to, since his life isn't all that exciting. (He's an inside cat, mainly because he's let us know he wants nothing to do with the outdoors.) It may be because of the traumatic experience he had as a kitten, or maybe it's just his genetics. He used to have a twitch, kind of a weird twitchy thing on his back, like a nerve acting up, but that has more or less disappeared. It used to act up a lot, and when it did he'd take off like a shot across the room, like he thought someone was messing with him. Funny....

Well, I need to get ready for tonight, make myself look as good as possible considering I badly need a professional haircut. I've been self-trimming, always a bad idea. I never know whether my hair will work for or against me now. I could have done something about it yesterday, today, but I've procrastinated so I'll just have to hope the hair dryer will perform a miracle tonight. Otherwise, just need to avoid the mirrors.

Okay, I'm out of here.

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