Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Something Spooky.... ):0

Well, in just a few hours the kiddies will be marching up to the door yelling Treat or Tree-eeat!!! It's a nice night for it, mild temperatures and no rain. Should be good. My husband and I drove over to the new Super Walmart today and I went through the candy bins, and got a few good deals, though I didn't know it until check out at the cash register. A large bag of mixed candy was $4.98 (way expensive for last minute shoppers!) but at the register it was marked down to $3.50. Much better. I added another smaller bag of Raisinets, and that was that. I did point at a decent looking pumpkin, but my husband made a face, so we didn't buy one. We usually do, and I might have vetoed the nixed pumpkin, but I don't feel like carving one tonight. In fact, I feel like taking a nap, and I still might.

I had my own Devil's Night yesterday evening coming home from my bike ride. The car broke down in the left hand turning lane of a five lane highway. It wasn't too busy though, so I called AAA, and then waited for the tow truck. It took about twenty minutes, and by that time I'd been honked at a few times even though the hazard lights were on and blinking. I guess they are a mystery to some people. So, I got out of the car and waved people around. Still, a few continued to sit there anyway. No clue I guess. Hard to comprehend....

A police car rolled up after a while, and a guy came to my window, and I told him the tow truck would be there momentarily. He didn't ask for my driver's license at first, then came back and requested it. He may have noticed my weird attire, and bike stuff all over the car, plus the mountain bike in the back. And really, it is their job to make sure you're not a criminal. I had to smile though, since my driving record is so squeaky clean it's embarrassing. I haven't had a moving violation in over thirty years. My insurance company would probably like to clone me.

The police guy asked if I needed a ride home, and though I thought about it, I decided to go with the tow truck. The young tow truck guy and I had a real interesting conversation. (I love riding in tow trucks for some reason. Don't ask me why....) I learned he used to play soccer, and is married with two boys, one three and the other seven, and he and his wife want to have more kids, and are hoping for a girl. I told him about my own daughter, and my feathered grandchild, Makamae (Crested Cockatoo) that I had babysat this past weekend while my daughter was in Florida with her fiance.

Well, just got the call to go pick up my car, more on that later....

Thursday evening, Nov. 1:

Okay, my car is fine. The repairman couldn't find anything wrong with it, drove it around, started and stopped it over the course of a day. Nothing. It did not do anything. Since I said it had stalled, and when I restarted it and pressed on the gas nothing happened, he decided to adjust the choke, but that's all.

Now that is odd. I tried several times to get it going while I sat there waiting for the tow truck, pressed on the gas, nothing, turned it off, restarted it, pressed on the gas, still nothing.... I must have done this four times before I finally gave up. Then, when the tow truck guy arrived, it worked (of course) but I decided to have it towed anyway. Later that night, my husband and I went back to the station to get my bike out of the car, and I tried again to move the car, and again, nothing....

So I drove it yesterday, and again today expecting the worst, but it ran perfectly fine. I have to admit it all seems pretty spooky though. Maybe goblins and ghosts were playing tricks on me.

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