Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great Customer Review on Amazon!

I am so happy! I got an unexpected surprise when I went over to my Amazon page today, a new customer review!

I must admit I worried at first. I've seen some awful reviews given to authors, even some of the bestselling ones, and that has to hurt! I don't care how talented you are; it's got to be very difficult to write one great, compelling book after the other, hoping to please the majority of your readers ... then get an awful review from one of them.

Every writer I've ever met is sensitive, no matter how successful, no matter how talented. Writing novels is their thing, and their ego is very much tied into how people view their work. The entire world could have loved their last book, but they still worry that it won't happen on the next one.

Yet though sensitive, writers are also tough. The majority of writers I've known have been told no, many many times, over and over again, before they finally made it into print. Rejection just goes with the territory. It's a subjective business, and the only thing writers can do is keep trying, keep hoping, and continue to give it their very best shot.

So when I got this nice review today, I must admit I was ecstatic! Here it is word for word.

Murder Mystery Thriller, October 6, 2007

By Sunny One - NC USA

"Nancy Johnson's first book is definitely a winner! Wow, I honestly could not read it fast enough. There were so many twists and turns in this who dunnit that I wasn't successful at guessing who killed her sister. Keep writing, Ms. Johnson, you are a natural. You will love this book!"

Of course, it's my debut novel, not my first book, but how could she know that? I've written two other books, neither published, and two complete rewrites that took longer to write than the novels themselves. But what a really nice, great thing for her to say! She made my day! Completely made my day!

I thank you, Sunny One. I thank you very, very much. :)

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