Monday, October 1, 2007

Best Laid Plans

Huh, funny how you never know how things will go. I thought I was going to be viewing two new pilots for t.v. tonight with my daughter and her fiance, but that's not what happened.

I got four free tickets for this t.v. preview thing (well actually a friend got them and gave them to me.) She and her husband couldn't make it and wondered if I wanted the tickets. I had actually done one of these preview things years ago, and I remembered it being kind of fun, so I thought, okay sure....

Then I forgot about the tickets until my daughter called today and mentioned it was October first, and wasn't that the night of the preview thing? I'd called her before and asked if she wanted to join me, knowing my husband probably wouldn't be interested. And as it turned out, Cliff Hanger was on t.v. so the preview thing was out of the question.

It was raining and a crummy night out anyway, and the event was at the Radisson Hotel and not too far away, so off the three of us went to see the t.v. preview. We were supposed to view two pilot episodes that could possibly end up on national t.v., and I figured we would be asked to fill out a form and rate each, but that would be okay. The program started at 7:30 p.m., so I figured we would be out of there by 9:00 at the lastest.

So we get there, and ask the guy taking tickets how long this event will last, only to be told 10:00 p.m. I say we might not be able to stay quite that long, and without even blinking, he hands back the tickets and says maybe we should sign up for a night when we can actually stay. He also mentions that not only would we be seeing the two half hour pilots, but also a bunch of commercials, and must answer 60 questions. (This is sounding better and better all the time.) I look over and glimpse their idea of refreshments for this two and a half hour sentence ... water, and maybe some ice to go with it.

We leave, and I'm feeling bad that I've wasted my daughter and her fiance's time, but they are okay about it. They are more worried about disappointing me. So, I suggest we at least get some kind of treat, and offer to buy at the nearby Tim Horton's. I love their coffee and cookies. We have fun drinking coffee (decaf) and eating oatmeal raisin and macadamia nut cookies and then head back. Instead, we end up playing games with Makamae, my daughter's baby cockatoo, who is very happy to be let out his cage and not have to go to bed early.

Not the evening we planned, but fun....

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