Saturday, April 14, 2007

The day after Friday the thirteenth....

Good morning!
Actually, I've always considered Friday the thirteenth to be lucky ... for me, because my birth date has lucky numbers in it. It's 7/11. Even the year is lucky in that respect, but as a lady, I don't wish to reveal my age. So, for my own reasons, I've decided that Friday the thirteenth is lucky, because good things have always happened to me on that date.

Yesterday my daughter ushered in a new member of the family! But no, it's not a grandchild exactly, more of a feathered grandchild. She brought home Makamae, her baby cockatoo, or "crested parrot" by dictionary definition. He was born a few months ago in Hawaii, and shipped here in the first class section of the airplane. Before his trip he was cared for by the breeder, then a nurse of sort who fed him baby food etc. until he was grown enough to come home. My daughter Angie has already started a baby album, pictures of his egg, of him struggling to crack open his egg, of his wet little bird body, then of him in various stages of growth. They grow fast! Angie adopted a bird because she couldn't have a dog or cat pet because of allergies. I've visited Makamae several times, and will go again to visit him today. He is white, with blue around his eyes, has a gentle nature, and loves to play with his toys. His name in Hawaiian means "cherished or precious." He is already trying to say his name. Maka sounds like the "ma" in mom, and mae sounds like "my."

Though I didn't write anything about writing today, I'll leave you with a quote I found by Ernest Hemingway, another writer I and many others admire.

"My aim is to put down what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way I can tell it."
Ernest Hemingway

I agree with that philosophy! Nancy

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