Monday, April 30, 2007

It's good to be home on my own computer, although....

Well, the library was an interesting way to spend a few hours getting stuff done, but I'd rather write from home. Though I must say that the chairs at the library are way more comfortable than mine, and if I wanted to spend some money I'd definitely invest in a new computer chair. It's also easy to check out free DVDs while you're at the library, then easily return them the next day. I picked out Pride and Prejudice, a book I read and enjoyed a lot as a young girl. Seeing the movie should be really interesting. Plus, going to the library gave me an excuse to get out of my robe and get dressed, something I'm a little slow doing sometimes, especially if the weather looks bad. I also liked hanging out with the people at the library. Everybody keeps pretty much to themselves, but still there's an air of contentment and comeraderie. You feel that if you asked someone a question, they wouldn't ignore you or be rude, they'd just try to help you out, and then drift back into their silent reverie. I saw an older lady sitting reading a book, alone, but not really. You had to figure she could have read the book at home, but felt more comfortable there among her like-minded library friends. I also noticed a man holding a baby, a very good natured baby, who didn't cry and seemed to have picked up on the contented atmosphere of the library as well. The father sat using the Internet for several hours with the baby crooked in his arm.

Well, I'm tired and I guess I should go to bed. I'll get back to you soon. Nancy

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